Sunday, July 26, 2009

Straightening with a blow dryer?

I've decided to stop paying to have my hair straightened. And i've borrowed a hair dryer.

What do i need to know about straightening my hair with this blow dryer?

How long will it stay straight?

Straightening with a blow dryer?

Just realise you'll never get your hair as straight with a blow dryer as you would with a straightener.

First, after washing, towel-dry your hair so it's damp. Then apply a curl relaxant like Phyto Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm (see here: ). Put your blow dryer on the hottest setting, bring all your hair to one side and use the hair dryer very close to the hair until it is completely straight, especially at the roots and tips.

Hope this helps :).

Straightening with a blow dryer?

after wash your hairs apply serum than start blow dry it will last u next wash

Straightening with a blow dryer?

well, combing your hair while blow drying it will eventually straight it out. it usually last for about half a day or longer. it's better to use a hair iron when you want your hair to be straight. and choose something with higher voltage because the heat will be even higher making it easier to straighten the hair.

Straightening with a blow dryer?


You need a good round barel brush.

You need to work a conditioning smoothing / straightening cream or serum through your hair ( i use john freida frizz ease serum).

To get the true professional finish you need to dry you hair in sections, starting at the bottom back. I would advise doing it in about 8 sections. Take part of a section of hair and using your brush direct the heat downwards, slowly working your way down the hair, right to the ends. Repeat this until dry, then move onto the next section.

The best thing you could do is invest in some hair straightners, it would save lots of time and effort.

Straightening with a blow dryer?

after u wash ur hair put some striaghtning cream in it,

then u brush/ comb ur hair,

let it dry a tiny bit for like 3-4 minutes,

then u brush/comb ur hair again,

take blow dryer and blowdry while brus or combing ur hair do it til ur hair is dry and u should have straight hair...

*spray a tiny tiny tiny bit of hairspray throught ur hair brush /comb it for a complete non frizz look

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